I am so excited to do Goretober again this year!

Each year it challenges me to push my abilities and creativity to complete the prompts and overall strengthens my artistic ability, plus its a lot of fun to draw gross, gory shit!!

Like last year, I wrote my own prompt list. Unlike last year, I’m starting this in September so that I can maybe, I don’t know, ACTUALLY FINISH? I’m hoping to have them all done and print versions made prior to the Night Gallery, which i will be tabling at again this year. I’ll make another blog post with more information regarding that as soon as I have the information!

Are you doing Inktober, Goretober, Drawloween, or similar project? I think challenges like these are a great way to connect with other artists and create personal and artistic growth, so if you are a creator and haven’t done something like this before, I highly recommend it!

Here is my prompt list, please feel free to use!

Goretober 2019:

  1. Experiment

  2. Evisceration

  3. On A Platter/Served Up

  4. Stigmata

  5. Corporal Mortification

  6. Open Wide

  7. Impaled

  8. Burst

  9. Bitten

  10. Insets

  11. Alien

  12. Angelic/Demonic

  13. Infection/Germs

  14. Possession

  15. Surreal Gore

  16. Cyborg/Robotic

  17. Split

  18. X-Ray

  19. Horror Movie

  20. Costume

  21. Pastel Gore

  22. Too Many Limbs/Unnatural Body

  23. Spider

  24. Hollow

  25. Wings

  26. Teeth

  27. Ghost

  28. Free Day!

  29. Illness

  30. Monster

  31. Recovery

Usually what I try to do for these types of things is once I have the prompts decided on, I try to come up with 1-3 ideas that I could employ and once I get to that prompt, go with the one has a better feeling. Sometimes I’ll get halfway through a prompt and change my mind, but I still think doing all this prep really helps. The best scenario for these is when I’m working on a prompt and I get a completely new idea to use!

10 Vampire Drawing Challenge

Since I’ve been working 2 jobs for the last few months, I have had next to no time to draw or basically do anything. Since I actually have free time now, I’m doing a drawing challenge next month to help me bone up for this year’s Goretober!

Through August I’ll be drawing 10 pieces relating to Vampires. I’m a sucker for vampires. Pun 100% intended.

Here’s my prompts!

  1. Elegant

  2. Monstrous/Grotesque

  3. Cute

  4. Folklore

  5. Historical

  6. Child-like

  7. Free Day!

  8. Fantasy/Sci-Fi

  9. Animal

I’ll add the originals and print versions to my shop as I finish them and make updates on my Instagram!

A New Welcome!

Wow, it’s already more than halfway through 2019! I lost track of time very severely, it would seem.

I’ve been meaning to completely rehaul this site and introduce a shop, mailing list, and organize some projects to work on, reorganize my gallery, and blah…blah..blah…

I’m about halfway there as I’m writing this, with great news!

I now have a shop right here! I’ll be deactivating my Etsy and doing all product orders on here from now on! Except of course for when I’m tabling at events :)

The shop is ready to go, and I can’t wait to finish updating the rest of the site and share more art with you!