New Year, new art ventures. I've been doing lots of planning lately to figure out new projects, products to sell, and ways to improve my art in this coming year. I honestly never thought that my skill level would be where it is now, and that art as a career would ever be a viable option for me. But I'm well on my way.

To start this year off, I'd like to announce... Commissions! There's a whole page dedicated to Commission info on here, but I'll repost the information in this post.

They are available in 3 sizes:
4"x 5"
9"x 12"
14"x 17"

Black and White Inked Commissions:
4"x 5" -$10 to $15
9"x12"-$20 to $30
14"x 17"- $30 to $50

Full Color Acrylic Ink or Watercolor Commissions:
4"x 5" -$10 to $15
9"x12"-$25 to $35
14"x 17"- $40 to $60

Please send me an email at for any additional information and to set up a commission! Thank you!