I have reopened my Etsy shop after a possible millennia of silence!

I have renamed it based on my personal favorite piece I've done, so welcome the new

There's more products than ever before: prints, originals, coloring books, and more soon to follow! 
I've recently been evaluating my art and since I have been doing some character design/concept art, I've made some decisions about what I'm going to create for a while. I love the concept art work I've been tasked with and I hope similar opportunities await me in the future. 
I'm going to try and branch out from my usual pinup and gore images, while I love drawing ample buttocks and bosoms and fucked up bodies and monsters, I want to create some art that is more accessible for the immediate public so I can have more to display in local cafes and bars, etc. I plan to introduce more patterns and clothing to whatever things plague my sketchbooks to accomplish this.
I'll still draw horrifying, gross things though, so no worries! I'm also planning a series following in the wake of Modiphromantia- more horrifying insect mutations! I'm still not sure if they'll all be mantids or other bugs i find aesthetically pleasing, we'll just see how it works out. I want to start a series exploring a genre my partner and i affectionately refer to as "Baby Horror". Gross monster babies! Yay!
I'll be trying to find a good source for higher-quality stickers when i have time, and i'll post some sticker designs in my shop when i do so!